what is the going rate for a child’s tooth in today’s volatile market?

what is the going rate for a child's tooth in today's volatile market?

I can confidently say it varies on many factors including locale and parental gender, but I can’t truly give you an accurate response (albeit I found this excellent article that includes a nifty graph).

What I can provide is a joy tutorial for a tooth fairy sized letter and envelope that will make everyone think you have excellent penmanship (no writing is necessary) and will set the bar very high among your team of mamas.

1. White Cardstock

Two. Computer with Microsoft Word or an equivalent program

Four. Scissors or exacto knife

Five. Glue stick or glue runner

6. Digital word file containing template,
located here

7. KG Seven Sixteen Font (optional), available for free here

1. Begin by downloading the template. Open the file in Microsoft word or an equivalent program. You will most likely need to zoom in because it’s so lil’!

Two. If you would like to use the same font that is shown in the the example pictures, you can download it here for free.

Three. Dual click on the address located on the envelope. Delete the example name and address and type your child’s name and address

Four. Dual click on the bod of the letter. Inject the correct date and the number of teeth lost (this was the very first tooth lost so I put in Tooth #1). Highlight the example name and delete it. Come in your own child’s name. Customize the message if you would like.

Five. Click print setup. Make sure you have it set on the highest quality printing available. Otherwise it will print very grainy. Put the cardstock into your printer and select print.

6. Once you have the lump of paper with the letter and envelope printed on it, it is time to cut them out. You can use scissors, but if you have an exacto knife or rotary cutter you could use those as well.

7. After cutting out the letter and envelope, fold the envelope as pictured below. Glue should be applied with a glue stick or glue runner only on the purple shaded areas in the picture below. Make sure that the name and address are on the outside when you are folding

8. Fold the letter in thirds and slip inwards the envelope. I fastened $1 to the letter using baker’s twine.

When I demonstrated a picture of the finished product to my family, my brother’s comment was “You have time to create a custom-made letter and mini envelope, cut it out, put it together and tie it with peppermint string and you don’t have time to go to an ATM?”

I hope that you love this tutorial! I would LOVE to see your finished Tooth Fairy Letters! Tag me on instagram @BocoBaby.

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