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Paper Cranes

You may have noticed the paper cranes draping in the stairwell of Hill Hall and wondered why exactly they seem to be flying around students walking to and from class on busy weekdays. The cranes are, in fact, a fresh installation brought to you by the Writing Center tutors.

Paper cranes are a symbol of happiness, peace, and good luck, which is why we determined to dangle them in the academic building. When you are rushing to class, make sure you stop and take a look at the exhibit and maybe it will bring you some peace in the middle of your busy day.

It is said that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes will be granted a wish from a crane; we don’t know if we will ever reach a thousand, but we are having joy attempting. The cranes are made of recycled pages from photography books and all of them were folded by the tutors at The Writing Center.

The exhibit is also about process; you can see the book pages with writing processes written on them stringing up with the paper cranes as a reminder that you don’t get to an end product that you are proud of without putting in time and effort. Creating paper cranes requires concentrate and commitment. We all dedicated time to learning and mastering the art of origami cranes (which we folded out of re-purposed books) just like we attempt to dedicate the time that we spend working on an assignment in order to get the product that we want.

At the Writing Center we are dedicated to helping students improve their own writing by providing guidance during the writing process. With concentrate and a clear mind, it is effortless to achieve that final product that you know you are capable of!

Lauren. peer tutor

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