Rite in the Rain Vs Regular Paper

This week we’re going to be discussing Rite in the Rain paper and the benefits of using it over traditional paper when you’re out shooting! As the name implies, you can use Rite in the Rain paper when it’s humid outside and the weather isn’t cooperative with your range time. Then there’s always the questions of cost and how well it works. Whether or not it’s something you want to invest in will be up to you! For now let’s dive into more information about it and you can determine for yourself!

Rite in the Rain Paper

What is it? It’s paper with a weatherproof decorating on it that shields the fragile paper fiber from the elements. The Rite in the Rain brand traces its roots back to the the turn of the century with the logging industry. Obviously, logging is not a sunny day only operation and Jerry Darling came up with a way to dip sheets of paper in a special weatherproof covering. This enabled him and other folks out in the elements to write on the paper without having it turn into a moist mess as soon as moisture became a factor. They’ve refined and updated the process over the years but it’s a long standing product produced by an American company.

The applicability to the precision shooting community should be identically evident here. While we certainly aren’t loggers, many of us live in parts of the world where the weather can be unpredictable at times. Colorado is well known for fat temperature swings in a matter of only hours. In fact as I write this we’re just coming out of a cold snap where we had temperatures in the teenagers for a duo weeks. Yesterday it was in the 20s and today it got up to around 65F and was a gorgeous day. Those swings work in switch sides too. It might be a cloudless sky when you head out the door, but what happens when you get to the range and it switches on you? You’ve got two choices, keep on keepin’ on or throw in the towel!

Rite in the Rain Databook Pages

I’m going to confess early with this article that with each year that passes I put myself in lousy shooting weather less and less by choice. Sometimes it happens without my having a say in the matter. Other times if I’m attending some sort of event or I’ve traveled to challenge in a match. I don’t get to pick the dates and times or the weather. I’ve shot in some lousy conditions from time to time over the years. If you think about it, you very likely have all kinds of gear to help with different weather elements. Rain Gear for shooting when its humid out, thermals for shooting in the cold, etc. We’re going to have several articles this year pertaining to weatherproofing yourself and your gear for precision shooting.

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In this particular example we’re discussing your databook. Even if you happen to be shooting at a match and you might not have your data book out, you still need to write things down. You can invest in notebooks as well as databook pages that are printed on Rite in the Rain paper. This then permits you to function despite any humid elements that may be in play as you head out the door to do some shooting. Keeping a log of your information can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Tracking rounds fired helps predict the usable and accurate life of a barrel. Noting different shooting conditions and the adjustments needed for hits at extended ranges permits you to dual check your DOPE and make sure your ballistics calculator is working decently.

Does Rite in the Rain Work?

Similar to when we tested some of Bison Tactical’s data cards for the Sidewinder I desired to illustrate for you guys how the Rite in the Rain paper holds up to water and moisture. I dropped a spare Rite in the Rain page in a petite container of water for five minutes to see how well it held up. I did the same with a sheet of standard paper. You can see the results below!

Rite in the Rain sheet of paper submerged in water for Five minutes

I want to point out that unspoiled submersion isn’t exactly what this paper is designed for. It isn’t for divers but this seems like a good way to test paper, data sheets, stickers, etc. to see how resistant they are to moisture. The Rite in the Rain page got a bit flimsy and kind of felt like moisture had softened it. To go after that test up with something practical I attempted writing on the page after dabbing it dry truly quickly. It worked fine. By the time the regular sheet was finished with the immersion test the Rite in the Rain page had dried almost to the point of never seeming to have suffered such torment. It still repelled and shed water at that point.

After dabbing it dry, I was instantly able to write on it with pencil as if nothing had happened. I believe this would have worked even with water sitting on it, it just would have been messier.

Even after a similar drying period, the regular paper was still downright saturated with water and instantaneously fell apart when a pencil was put to it

Since rain, snow, and ice are all different forms of the same issue I think it’s safe to say that after passing this test the Rite in the Rain pages are lightly able to stand up to the elements. That’s a good thing! I’ve converted my databook over to Rite in the Rain pages so I can use the book in any weather condition. The two big databook companies both suggest Rite in the Rain options. You can check out the offerings from Storm Tactical here and those suggested by Influence Data Books here! Storm Tactical has around a $20 upcharge for one of their databooks using Rite in the Rain paper over standard. Influence Data Books adds about $8 to the cost of their standard book for Rite in the Rain paper!

Wrapping Up

I use the Influence Data Book offerings for my record keeping. I like the modular treatment to the books where a shooter can custom-built order the different pages they like and are likely to use instead of adapting a pre-made book to their needs. It only adds about $1 to each order of pages if you are purchasing refills or converting some of your pages or books over to Rite in the Rain. That may sound steep ordering Ten dual sided pages but everything else out there these days costs about $100 bucks. For me adding the benefit of Rite in the Rain paper for a dollar each purchase is a no brainer! Now that I’ve converted my data book over to Rite in the Rain paper a bit of Colorado snow or rain doesn’t have the power to derail my record keeping! I’m also going to throw a Rite in the Rain notebook into my databook in case I need to jot stuff down quickly with less prep time for later reference! Have any practice with Rite in the Rain products? Lets hear about it below!

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