A resignation letter is significant, because whether or not the employee despises the job, it shows that the employee has respect for the company

A resignation letter is important, because whether or not the employee despises the job, it shows that the employee has respect for the company. Furthermore, gracefully bowing out with a resignation letter as opposed to an

Writing a Resignation Letter


As with any sort of formal letter, a decent heading is absolutely necessary. It ensures that the letter is of a formal nature, and shows respect for whomever the letter is addressed to. The heading format should be:

Your city, state, zip code

Your phone number

Name of recipient

City, State, Zip Code


The saluting should always be “Dear Mr./Ms./etc.” as that is both formal and adequate. Furthermore, it acknowledges the actual person without being too convenient.

  • A very first name should not be used.
  • “To Whom It May Concern” would not be adequate because it shows that the employee is sending out a entirely generic letter.

Presumably, the person has been at the company long enough to know to whom he or she is writing. If he or she does not know, the name should be found out before the letter is sent.

In the case of female recipients, the decent salutation should be chosen. “Miss” should usually be avoided, since that is generally reserved for women under the age of Eighteen. However, exceptions apply in every case. “Mrs.” is used for a married woman, while “Ms.” is often used for an unmarried person. Some women use “Ms.” whether they are married or not. Therefore, the salutation is not just an insigificant part of the letter. The individual must correctly address the employer.


The bod of letter should be ordinary and to the point. Writing a rambling letter about everything that the employee did not like about the company will not look very good. Furthermore, doing so will only incite a sense of awkwardness.

Some samples of adequate wording include:

  • Please accept this letter as a formal notification that I am leaving [insert name of company] on [insert date, should be at least two weeks from when the letter is dated]. Thank you for the opportunities that this company has provided me. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance during this transition period.
  • I am writing to inform you that I will be leaving [insert name of company] on [insert date]. I want to thank you for the valuable opportunities and practice that I have gained while working at this company. These abilities have instructed me to [insert what has been learned].
  • Effective two weeks from the date of this letter, I will be resigning from [insert name of company]. Thank you for the opportunities you have suggested me.
  • Closing

    The closing is just as significant as the rest of the letter, in order to ensure formality via. A decent letter should end with “Sincerely.” After that, hit the “Come in” or “Come back” key on the computer four times. Of course, print the letter, and in that four line space, sign your very first and last names.


    There are a few extra considerations:

  • The letter should be dated at least two weeks before the intended employee plans to resign, unless the company has different requirements.
  • The letter absolutely must be typed.
  • A letter of resignation is generally the decent way to leave a job. However, there are extreme circumstances and exceptions to every rule. If there is a problem with manhandle or harrassment, different measures will need to be taken. Every situation elicits a different response.

    How to Write a Resignation Letter

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