A plain way to practice name writing… before kindergarten!

A simple way to practice name writing… before kindergarten!

Is your child fighting to write his name independently? Attempt this elementary strategy for kids who are close to injecting kindergarten but still need some help writing their names.

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This Reading Mama and I have been sharing our top tips for getting little learners ready for kindergarten. So far we’ve talked about interactive read alouds and concepts of print. Today we’ll talk about instructing your child to write his or her name.

Attempt hands-on activities very first!

Before you have your child practice name writing with a pencil, you’ll want to do a lot of hands-on activities to help him recognize and form the letters of his name. You’ll find some quick name activities in this post and even more of our beloved name activities here .

Your child needs to know two things to write his name on paper…

  1. how to hold a pencil correctly – (attempt these tips )
  2. how to spell his name

While it is helpful, it’s not absolutely necessary that your child knows how to form all the letters of the alphabet, or that he knows the distinction inbetween upper and lowercase letters before he writes his name.

However, if your child is close to injecting kindergarten, please know that most kindergarten teachers choose that children inject school writing their names with a capital followed by lowercase letters. In the sample pics below, you’ll see capital letters via the name… because my little man has a while until he’s in kindergarten. ??

A joy song to help kids learn to spell their names

Before our kids are ready to write, we’ve trained them how to spell their names by singing their names to the tune of «There was a farmer who had a dog.» Most names – except very long ones – can work with this tune, if you modify it just a bit.

There was a doll who liked to play,

And Emily was her name-o!

Attempt this elementary strategy to practice name writing

What if kindergarten is on the horizon and you need a quick way to practice name writing? Your child can make a lot of progress in just a few weeks by attempting this ordinary strategy.

  • a pad of blank paper or blank paper stapled together
  • a pencil or skinny marker

Turn to the very first page in the pad of paper. Have your child write his name the best he can, even if it takes up the entire page.

If your child is fresh at this, hold his forearm as he writes, telling the names of the letters as you do so.

Have your child write his name on a fresh page each day. Provide as much support as necessary. You may need to hold your child’s mitt for some letters and not for others.

After a month of this, your child may surprise you by writing his name just the right size! At this point, if you’d like, you may introduce writing on a plain line and then – if it doesn’t frustrate your child – basic handwriting lines.

If writing is a fight for your child, using a marker is a good very first step. But do be sure that your child can also write his name with a pencil before commencing kindergarten.

Other ideas for name writing:

  • Write your child’s name using a highlighter. Have him trace it using a pencil.
  • Write your child’s name on a card. Have him copy it by using his finger to «write» his name in a sensory tray of pruning fluid, salt, or sugar.
  • Play a name fishing game with this free printable.
  • Have your child «sign in» to do an activity – whether that’s have to have a snack or love some screen time.
  • Some of my ordinary handwriting pages are adequate for preschoolers:

    Check out the rest of our kindergarten readiness tips!

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    Suzie Homemaker says

    that’s how I instructed my kid to spell her name too. Just happened to think one day hey her name will fit this song. I say the was woman who loved her doll. r something like that. but same thing. Then I did a duo boys in my church class and ask what their fav fucktoy was.

    so it worked superb. in fact if someone say her name using an I in it, as is common, she says no, its(hjhjjkjk ) and tells them excaltly were they are wrong. lol

    oh and you don’t have to wait till they are Four yrs old. she was just over Trio when we did this. and correcting people by Trio.Five yrs. now at Four yrs she is indigent about it.

    Anna Geiger says

    Yes, I agree! I have began this song with my kids when they are around Two. Eventually they can sing it and are on their way to recognizing their name. Joy stuff!

    I learned a song many years ago. It has always been a big help training little ones in my preschool class to learn to spell their names. The added bonus is if all kiddos sing along they will be able to spell their friends name as well.
    If you want you can print child’s name paper or on a chalk board. That way kiddos can see the letters as they sing.
    I’ll sing and clap with my good friend and Sally is her name oh.
    S a l l y …S a l l y ….S a l l y
    Sally is her name oh

    We also did this with middle and last names as well.
    Works superb and kiddos loved all the clapping:)

    This sounds a lot like our song. ?? I very first learned about this idea when as a single teacher my co-worker trained his daughter to spell her last name this way. It works!

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